Happy 50th Anniversary Gym City!

We are excited to announce 2021 is Gymnatics City’s 50th year in Claremore serving the greater Green Country area. Judy Tucker, established Gymnastics City in 1971, previously known as Claremore Gymnastics-Claremore Flip Flops at the original location of Claremore Junior College (now Rogers State University). Since then, Gym City moved to location #2 The National Guard Armory on Blue Starr Dr., Location #3 on Hwy 20, and now Location #4 on Historic Route 66, behind Burger King.

The beautiful 20,500 Sq. Ft. facility has been under the direction of Kent and Traci Tucker, since 2015. We are thankful to Judy Tucker for her hard work and dedication to the sport of gymnastics, and it still lives on today. We are extremely grateful to all the families that have supported our business over the past 50 years.

Today Gymnastics City serves children ages 1-14 years of age introducing gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja classes. We are also a great place for parties, field trips, and Open Gyms! We look forward to meeting you!

 Daycare Outings, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Homeschool Classes
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New Walkers (1-2 Year Old’s) Classes!

Come and enjoy the fun and experience the joy side by side your new walker!


  • Gymnastics City is in a great location and the schedules (class times) are very convenient for all ages (school age and small children). My daughter, Jaelin (14),  loves gymnastics. Gymnastics has built her confidence because the teachers are always very attentive to all of the students and are always complimenting their accomplishments. The owners are wonderful because they take the time to get to know the parents and build relationships with us, which establishes a lot of trust.

    Kimberly Nigg

  • I love Gymnastics City because my daughter, Abby (8), enjoys it so much. She talks about it all the time. Nonstop. She practices at home all the time. The teachers are great. They are always super nice and friendly, and they always have the answers. Each teacher spends time with every student to ensure that everybody is on the same level and nobody is left behind. 

    Melissa Titez

  • I enjoy the clean, safe environment. I don’t have to worry about Holly (8) because the teachers and staff are so attentive. My daughter lives to do gymnastics. That is not an understatement. She looks forward to coming to gymnastics class, and then practices everything she learns all week long. I also appreciate that the staff and owners keeps us informed about schedule changes, picture days, and parties.

    Matt Ward